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Volunteer, Donate, Tell a Friend!

What are YOUR most valued RESOURCES?

Your family?  Friends? Income from your Job?  Your network of supporters and cheerleaders?  Did you come by any of your resources through SAMA?

What would happen if one or more of your Resources was weakened to the point it could no longer support you? 

The Resources SAMA needs to accomplish everything from our day to day operation to the development of enhanced experiences for members can be distilled down to two simple commodities: Volunteer Hours and Dollars.  Without either, we are unable to do the work of our mission to educate, inspire, and promote excellence in mosaic arts.

Every Summer, SAMA is at the our lowest reserve of these two resources when we need them the most… right when we are pulling together the conference and exhibtion and building a new website for YOU!


SAMA volunteers are a dedicated group who donate their time, effort and contribute their good ideas to ensure that SAMA remains a thriving and growing organization.  Due to new initiatives and some of these volunteers moving on to pursue other opportunities, additional volunteers are needed NOW to help SAMA support you in your pursuit of creating, exhibiting and instructing mosaics and developing your mosaic skills and abilities.  

Why should you volunteer?  As an organization run mostly by volunteers, SAMA needs volunteer support to maintain the programs and benefits provided to you as a SAMA member.  By being an active and energetic volunteer, you’ll help SAMA implement new initiatives and bring added value to your membership.  In addition to providing SAMA with the resources to publish Groutline, develop educational programs, and build a strong mosaic community, volunteering is an opportunity for YOU to support your passion for mosaics and contribute to the growth of mosaics as an art form while working with other volunteers who share the same passion.  Plus, you’ll:

  • Experience a sense of accomplishment
  • Develop new skills
  • Learn the inside workings of a non-profit organization
  • Take an active role in support of the arts
  • Have fun as you develop new relationships with SAMA members and supporters!

Immediate volunteer needs include:

Advertising Sales – Sell advertising space for the Groutline.  Have an impact on SAMA’s bottom line with your engaging personality and good follow-up skills. 

Publications – Manage the publication of Groutline.  Work with an outside contractor to develop story ideas, coordinate issue line-ups and assist with editorial decisions.  Use your knowledge of the mosaic community and good decision making skills in developing SAMA’s quarterly E-journal.   

Education committee –  Develop and oversee educational opportunities for SAMA members, including conference workshops and ongoing learning experiences.   Educational programming experience is desired.

Membership committee – Short term and ongoing projects to assist with membership administration and member retention. 

Exhibition committee –  Utilize on-line resources to research exhibition opportunities.

SAMA wants and needs your volunteer contribution.   Past experience is not necessarily a requirement, but your flexibility, positive attitude and commitment are.   Let us know how you can help now, or for more information, send an email to volunteer@americanmosaics.org .   Please provide your name and volunteer interest.  

Let’s get things done…Volunteer today! 


No time to Volunteer?  How about time to visit the SAMA Site and make a donation or write a check?

When we do not have the volunteers available to fulfill our membership benefits (our commitment to you) we need to source professional services or tools to get the job done and keep the doors open.  We need to strengthen our cash reserve and general operating fund in order to get our job done!


If you do not have available hours or dollars to ensure that SAMA continues its work, you can still help!


Recommend SAMA to your friends and colleagues and ask them to join or donate time or money!

If SAMA is a VALUED RESOURCE to you, Please help us keep SAMA healthy so we can continue our work and keep the doors open!

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