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2013 Sponsorship Campaign Underway

A note from the Sponsorship Committee Chairman, Ed Kinsella

Ed Kinsella, Sponsorship Chair

YOUR support of SAMA has never been so crucial. With the global macroeconomic malaise entering its 4th year, most non-profits have had to cut back. SAMA is no exception. Led by Executive Director, Dawnmarie Zimmerman, SAMA has cut extraneous expenses by 30+% to match commensurately lower income. However, in our core programming, we have managed to protect and retain the membership benefits that our members have told us they cherish most.

As an arts organization supported by the generosity of our members, suppliers, service providers, and supporters, we need your support now more than ever. The programs outlined below are vital fundraising programs that allow SAMA to further its mission to educate, inspire and promote excellence in mosaic arts. Greater conference funding offers SAMA members more programming and more benefits, so we hope you will contribute as generously as possible. There are many financial or in kind opportunities to be generous to your Mosaic Society. Donate one of your mosaics to the Raffle, sign up as a Sponsor, promote your service via the Gift Bag given to all conference attendees or in the Vendor Marketplace. As SAMA is a 501(c)(3) organization, donations are tax deductible to the amount allowed by law.

2013 Sponsorship Information / 2013 Raffle and Auction Donation Information / 2013 Vendor Marketplace Information / 2013 Donor and Vendor Commitment Form

Hotel Murano Tacoma

In spite of the financial challenges, SAMA’s leadership team and member volunteers have managed to plan quality programming. Collaborating with a very lively and enthusiastic mosaic arts community in the Pacific Northwest, the much-anticipated 2013 American Mosaic Summit in Tacoma, Washington is shaping up to be a blockbuster conference. This conference is destined to be THE mosaic event of the year in the Americas. The venues are all artful and in close proximity:

New for 2013 we have tinkered with the Sponsorship levels to offer more options in a simplified program. We have added some robust benefits we hope will appeal to a broad set of our members, suppliers, and supporters. The Mosaic Portfolio Review by a SAMA Mosaic Instructor/Luminary – offered at the Marble Tessera Sponsorship level and higher – is one we believe will have broad resonance with our membership. We are also for the first time offering a VIP Service benefit for Sponsors at the Millefiore Tessera and higher Sponsorship Levels*, where you will receive a one-week advance window to register for the conference and workshops before general registration opens on December 1, 2012.  Sponsorship commitment at qualifying level must be received prior to January 15, 2013.

Due to higher conference costs and SAMA Leadership efforts to keep costs low for all, we are expanding distribution of our 2013 Opportunities information to include mosaic luminaries, passionate supporters and volunteers of SAMA, and professional mosaic artists. We do this with the hope that approaching more of our constituents for support will yield an increased response to our appeals for participation in the big 3 conference fundraising programs helping to defray conference costs for all: Sponsorship, Raffle, Gift Bag – as well as our loss-leading but beloved Vendor Marketplace.

If you are in a position to do so, please seriously consider a financial Sponsorship or Raffle donation or our business promotion Gift Bag or Vendor Marketplace programs. Should you wish to discuss your options, please contact a member of the 2013 Sponsorship Committee. Be proud of your Society of American Mosaic Artists, and be a reason for our success in Tacoma! Help make SAMA financially sound – and at the same time – help make the conference the stellar event we know it will be. Thank you very much for all your support.

Sincerely yours,
Ed Kinsella
SAMA Sponsorship Committee Chairman


2013 Sponsorship Information / 2013 Raffle and Auction Donation Information / 2013 Vendor Marketplace Information / 2013 Commitment Form

An Important note from the Sponsorship Committee Chairman, Ed Kinsella

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