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Member Gallery

We are proud to present the work or our members.  This gallery is a non-juried collection of work from our members of all levels.

A listing of our Professional, Corporate and Patron level members is available here.

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Allan Punton
"The Three Doges", 2013 Smalti, marble, wood substrate
Ana Cristina Posada
Menhdi, 2013, Stained glass, vitro mosaic
Ann Wydeven
"Waterfall Fountain", 2010, Venetian Glass / Smalti
Anne Marie Price
Marine Layer, 2013, Shells on Found Wood
Antonella Sorrentino
"Certezza", 2011, marble tesserae, limestone, enamels and gold. Techniques: reversed method on paper, unpolished
April Potter Keithly
"Entanglement", 2012, Smalti, found metal, glass & car glass
Bev Delyea
"Grizzly Bear", 2012, Stained Glass on MDF
Bonnie Fitzgerald
"Pear Tree", 2011, stained glass, begun in Realism workshop with Shug Jones
Brandi Fletcher
Outdoor Shower, 2012, pebbles, marble, rose quartz, rhodochrosite, assorted gemstones
Brenda Pokorny
"Little Sparrow Birdbath", 2013, cement birdbath, vitreous glass tile, stained glass, glass marbles
Brian Felix
"Mr. Jiggyfly"
Brigitte Messali
"Oriental Fountain", 2012, Glass Tiles
Carl Bryant
"Providence Hospital Triptych", 2011, Glass, handmade stoneware, semi-precious stones and bead mosaic
Carol Bevilacqua
"Growth", 2009, handmade tile and porcelain
Carol Haberkorn
"Lola" (Elephant 5' 2" in height), 2013, hand cut glass mosaic, glazed ceramic, fused glass, glass jewels glued and griuted over fiberglass elephant form
Carol Shelkin
"Flavor of the Month", 2011, stained glass, beads
Carol Talkov
"In the Beginning", 2011, Stone, Gold smalti (white and yellow) Mexican Smalti, 
Amethyst Stones, Amethyst Slabs, Amethyst Cyrstalized Points and Druze Crystal. Labradorite, Chalcopyrite, Ruby Fuchsite, Chrysocolla, Fluorite, Malachite, Titanium Quartz
Carole Choucair Oueijan
"Reveal", 2010, Smalti, 24 gold smalti, iridescent tile, marble, granite, shells, carroltons, millef...iori, Cristallino, Vitrium Oceana, Paua, mother of pearl and fresh water pearl.
Carolyn Wagner
"EnGulfed", 2012, marble, stained glass, smalti, vitreous, porcelain
Carrie A Bracker
"Glory of Tulips", 2011, Smalti, Stain glass, Coalcopyrite, Marble
Carrie Bonnet
Face 9, 2013, Glass, Grout, Wood, Glue
Cate Thomassen
"Grotto Water Feature", 2011, Stained and vireous glass on ceramic
Catherine Ryan
"Mosaic Peace", 2012, stained glass, smalti, mirror, handmade ceramic pieces
Cathy Sudzius
"Sprinkle Swirls", 2011 Ceramic tiles and glass
Cherie Bosela
"Dragonfly", 2011, stained glass, tempered glass, millefiori, seed beads, glitter, original photograph
Cheryl Chitayat
"Forest", 2013, Stained Glass
Chris Emmert
"Durango", 2012, 19 ¾” x 24 ½” Up-cycled mixed media includes: Woven webbing in green, red and burgundy. Auto tempered glass. 3 patterns of salad plates. Electronic gizmos in green and yellow. Tumbled wine bottle glass for the outside edge. Polished black stones for the nose and eye. New materials: Gold ball chain, marbles, sheet glass in oranges, beads and vitreous orange for the sun. Grout in black and autumn green.
Chris Heisinger
"Beauty in Flight", 2011, stained glass
Christine Brallier
"Ooops", 2008, stained glass, vitreous, broken pottery
David Chidgey
"Circle of Life", 2012, Iridescent glass tile cut and beveled
Debbie McLaughlin
"Star Wall", 2010, stained glass, ball chain, mirror
Deborah Williams
"EllaPhants Gerald", 2012, Found objects; broken dishes; tiles
Doreen Adams
"The Lobster Quadrille", 2011, Smalti,contorno,Glass Pebbles,millefiori,pastrini
Ed Kinsella
Eileen Gassman
"Brandon, Too", 2013, stained glass, gold smalti, chain
Eldon Conder
"Canon Beach Oregon", 2012, rock
Eleanor Parr-DiLeo
"Kisses to Heaven", 2011, stained glass and glass beads
Elizabeth Bingham
"Texas Blue", 2012, Smalti and morracan tile
Eva Geisler
Bear, 2013, Stained Glass
Firas Bani-Hani
"Tree of Life", 2013, Natural stones (66,000 pieces) inlaid in cement mold, Plywood back, inner iron frame, outer solid wood frame
Flair Robinson
"Bullseye", 2011, Royal Mosa ceramic tile, glass, self designed and hand heat pressed tile and china
Francine Gourguechon
"Brain Storm", 2013, Glass & rock
Frankie Kozicky
"I Love Red Wine", 2013, stained glass and mirror on an up cycled game board turned into an occasional table.
Gary Drostle
"The De Luci Fish Mosaic - MAI Best Architectural Award 2008", 2006, Vitreous glass on GRC concrete form
Gerda Merwald
"No Name", 2014, ORSONI smalti, glass from my broken car window
Gila Rayberg
"Pensive", 2011, stained and vitreous glass
Gina Hubler
"Inner Canyons", 2008, smalti, marble, millifiori
Ginny Sher
"That's How I Roll", 2011, stained glass
Gretchen Schaefer
"Evening", 2012, pebbles, stained glass, porcelain, marble
Gwyn Kaitis
"Never Never", 2011, stone, smalti, glass
Heidrun Morgan
"The Bee", 2012, fused and stained glass, copper wire, beads on plywood
Hresula Bentsen
"Marrakesh", 2011, Wire mesh structure, glass mosaic tile, smalti
Ilona Brustad
"Girl in a Blue Head Wrap", 2011, stained glass, beads, ball chain, mirror glass, glass frit
Jae (Anne) Jackson Sheilds
"A Silhouette on a Fields Blue Horizon", 2011, Recycled/reclaimed tiles, rocks, slate, glass, porcelain, marble
Jairo Prado
"Migration", 2013, Porcelain Tile
JaJing Wang
"Bejeweled Turtle", (close up), 2014, Stained Glass, Mirror, Nuggets, Metal
Jamie Michelson
"Princess", 2013, Glass, tile, indoor-outdoor grout, glass beads, indoor-out finishing spray
Jane E Ward
"Out of the Ashes", 2013, Rubble from home destroyed in the Bastrop Tx 2011 Wild Fire, glass, ceramic, acrylic paint.
Janna Bowman
"Catch and Release", January 2010, Recycled glass and stained glass
Jennifer Kuhns
"Amanda Palmer", 2012, salvaged stained glass, wedi
Jenny McIntyre
"Abundance Rising", 2012, Stained glass, Van Gogh glass, wooden beads, moonstone, shells
Jeroen Meijer
" Never expected to want a purple octopus ", 2009, print-on-tile,marble,div tesserae, objets trouve's,epoxy,etc.
Jess Regelson
"Skipping Rope" 2013, Vitreous glass and Ceramic Tile
Jessica Gusar
"Woman in Pink Dress", 2013, smalti, 24k gold
Jim Bowen
"Shining Sea Bike Ways Mosaic Mural", 2010, porcelain tile
Joan Greenberg
"Frida Rising", 2012, china, stained glass, brass bead chain, cubic zirconium, glass vases, perfume-sample bottles, plaster cupids and bird
Joan Schubert
Swan Song, 2013, Mother of Pearl, ceramic tile, glass and vintage glass jewels.
John Sollinger
Fire Fight, 2014, Stained Glass
Judy Lee
"Sunflower", 2012 Bullseye glass fused
Julie Dilling
"Sew What", 2011, Beads, smalti, shell, millifiori
Julie Mazzoni
"Summer at the Creek", 2012, Smalti
Julie Richey
"La Corrente (The Current)", 2009, Marble, 24k gold smalti, Mexican and Italian smalti, seashells and chalcedony on mixed media base
Julie Sperling
Incendio, 2013, stone from the banks of the Ottawa River, smalti, and found fire hose cap
Karen Ami
"Refuge", 2011, smalti, clay, glazes
Karen Johnston
"The Queen of Hearts with The Mona Lisa Smile", 2013, A 4'X6' mosaic made with vitreous glass tiles, acrylic beads, glass seed beads, plumbing chain, washers, bolts, decorative trim, antique broaches and chained crystal rhinestone.
Karen Klassen
"Paths Crossed", 2006
Kathleen McHugh
"From the Source", 2013, glass, mirror fragments
Kathryn Henne
"Sun Table", 2009, stained glass
Kathy Rickermann
"Splash", 2013, Smalti, glass, glitter tiles, mirror, millefiori, glass tiles, bbs, ball chain
Kathy Thaden
"Shattered", 2011, geode, tempered glass, stained glass, corks, shell casings, framing hardware, bottlecaps, keys
Kelley Knickerbocker
"A Circular Logic", 2013, Glass, stone, porcelain, wire, mortar, pigment
Kelly Knickerbocker
"Loss Gradient", 2014, Paper, Stone, Ceramic, Glass, Pigment, cement bonding mortar
Kevin Carman
"Bridge of Enlightenment", Hand collected pebbles from the coast of Northern California
Krystie Rose Millich
"Reach of the Sacred Heart", 2012, Royal Mosa & Fabresa ceramic tiles, stone, glass, and acrylic beads, Mexican carved wooden heart
Laura Rendlen
"Winter's Beauty", 2012 Mosaic Arts International Juror's Choice Awardee, 2012, stone, glass, shells, gems
Laurel Skye
"Koi", 2012
Lea Holden
"Elephant Mosaic Table", 2008, Ceramic Tile on solid wood substrate
Lenni Gilbert
"Mixed Greens", 2012, Stained glass, Mexican smalti, decorative glass, glass frit, seed beads
Leslie Scott
"Page Ahead at the Greensboro Library", 2014, Mixed Media, Ceramics, Tile, Glass, Mirror
Lisa Fields Clark
"Learning Curv", 2012, cut stained glass on plywood, stainless steel hardware, grout
Lynn Adamo
"Navy Pier"
Lynn Bridge
"Joann", 2013, Glass, stone, and colored mortar on cradled panel
Lynn Ihsen Peterson
"Resonance", 2014, handcrafted tiles, grout
Lynn Takata
"River of Peace", a 60' long participatory mosaic (detail), 2011, Cast and fused glass, stone, high relief ceramic, porcelain and glass tile.
Margaret Almond
Custom Mosaic House Number in Blue Green on Slate, 2013, Stained glass, gold smalti, glass tile, on slate, 12x8 inches.
Margie Rotondo
"My Red Guitar", 2013, Mirror Glass, Van Gogh Glass, Gemstones, Cabochons on guitar
Marie-Josée Dussault
"Pluie Sereine", 2012
Marilyn Place
"Catch of the Day", 2011, Stained Glass
Marilyn Sansom
"Bus Stop", 2013, Smalti, stained glass, vitreous glass, fiberglass mesh, thinset
Marla N. Powers
"Eye of the Storm", 2009, stained glass, hand-cut stainedglass,recycled glass nuggets, millefiori,shells, pyrite, sterling silverwire, antique Afriican beads.
Marley Goldman
"Kenya", 2012
Mary Chiodini
"Memento Mori", 2012, stained glass, vitreous tesserae, leather, millefiori beads
Mary Ellen Chandler-Goldstein
"C-130 on Map of World", 2013, Glass
Mary Kramer
Untitled, 2012, smalti, glass tile, pebbles, rock, pyrite, coal, the single star is a tiny round piece of faceted mirrored glass, electroplated tree
Michael Kruzich
"Corinthian", 2012, Stone
Michele Petno
"Ghandi", 2012, mexican smalti shards
Michelle Bross
"Coneflowers", 2012, Stained Glass on Wedi
Minal Jeswani
"Flame of the Forest", 2011, smalti, pyrite nuggets
Mindy Hensen
"Mystical Soul", 2012 Stained Glass, Seed Beads, Assorted Rocks
Mireille Swinnen
"Behind the Mask", 2010 smalti, gold
Nancy Gong
"Tibetan Prayer Flags", 2010 Smalti, Filati
Nancy Keating
"Vinery Finery", 2012, art glass, Van Gogh glass, smalti, colored mirror, glass gems on 30"tall Nebakaneezar wine bottle
Nancy Rosenberg
Sea & Sky, 2013, glass, tile, mirror, river rock, wood, and seashell on cement board and cedar
Nathalie Vin
Free as Air, 2013
Neida Mora-Maus
"Ieri, Oggi e Domani ; Homage to Fibonacci", 2011, Italian Smalti, Gold and White Gold Smalti, Turkish Glass, Stain Glass & aluminum disk
Nida Khalil
"Maury's Mary", 2012, Tempered Glass, Gold Leaf, Clear Pebbles, Mary Figurine
Pamela Mauseth
"St. Francis and the Wolf", 2013, Glass
Patricia Gallagher
"Multnomah Falls", 2014, Stained Glass, Glass Rods, Tempered glass on MDF
Patty Franklin
"The Fool's Fiddle", 2011, stained glass, smalti, millefiori,clay tiles,glass beads,glass rods,frit,art wire, mirror tile
Patty Van Dolson
"To Everything There is a Season", 2013, Stained Glass, Mirror, Vintage Jewelry pieces
Penny Collins
"A Friendly Smile", 2012, Stained Glass, Millefiori
Philip Lamie
"Metamorphosis", 2012, Glass mosaic tile
Rhonda Heisler
"Autumn Leaves", 2011, Hand-cut opaque, iridescent, and metallic stained glass
Sandi Burt
"Autumn Blaze", 2010, Assorted Glass tile and Beads
Sandra Bryant
"St. Francis Garden Elevator Mosaic" (Partial), 2011, Glass
Sandra Groeneveld
"Elephant Eye", 2009, Stone
Sarvar Moghavem Ghaffari
"Nostalgia", 2012, Glazed Tiles
Sharon Plummer
"Safekeeping (in memory of our son, Ian)", 2012, Smalti, Glass Fusings, Vitreous Tiles, Millefiori, Hand-formed Polymer Tesserae, Glass Gems, Gold Leaf, and Glass Beads on hand-sculpted substrate -- (24"x18")
Sharon Sherman
"Red Poppies", 2014 Vitreous Glass
Shug Jones
"Friends in the Park", 2009, Italian and Mexican Smalti
Sonia King
"Depthfinder", 2011, Chrysocolla, malachite, amazonite, jasper, atacamite, pearls, ceramic, glass, turquoise, magnesite, smalti, paua shell, beach glass, pebbles, abalone, crystals, gold, labradorite, marble
Susan Smith
"Sunset Mandala Mosaic", 2010, Moroccan Ceramic Tiles on wooden support
Suzanne Noll
"Cockapoo Leash Holder, 2012, ceramic, glass and handmade tile
Teresa Sullivan
"Casa Cielo", 2013, Kyanite, stained glass, terra cotta, transparent smalti, rock, gravel
Terri Pulley
Valerie McGarry
Storm Front, 2013, smalti and stone
Virginia Gardner
"Water Wall 2, Shadow of a Sunset", 2011, smalti and stained glass
Wasantha Young
"Knossos 2", 2010, Smalti and Milliefiori
Wendy Erdmann
"Ocean Breeze Mural", 2007, Hand cut glass on concrete
Wendy Low
"The Lily", 2014, Stained Glass, Stone, Pearls, Beads, Violin
Wendy Raven
"Geode", 2009, marble, granite, galena, and smalti on carved polystyrene base
Wilma Wyss
"Letting Go", 2012, stained glass, glass tile, smalti, shells, ammonite fossils, stone, abalone shell, ceramics, antique porcelain dolls arms

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