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2013 Educational Course Proposal Submissions

2013 American Mosaic Summit: Tacoma, Washington
Tacoma Convention Center
April 10 – 13, 2013

Course Proposal DEADLINE September 21, 2012!

Carol Shelkin's Portraiture workshopEach year, SAMA has increased the number of workshop offerings to accommodate the incredible desire of its members to get their hands on materials and create a new chapter in their mosaic education.  The Workshop and Professional Seminar Program is noted as the main reason members choose to attend the conference per our annual surveys.

SAMA members work the website’s shopping cart overtime when the registration period for workshops opens each Winter. If you are an experienced instructor that would like to touch the lives of the most enthusiastic mosaicists in the world, than we invite you to present a proposal.

On Wednesday, April 10th and Thursday, April 11th, 2013, the Education Program will focus on the Professional, Artistic and Technical Development of its members. Proposals for 2 hour & 4 hour (half day) workshops or seminars and 7 hour (full day) workshops will be accepted. Workshops will be classified as “Hands On” – are described as technical or material centered wherein the participants do manipulate materials and create a project or practice a technique.  Seminars or “Demo/Lecture” – are described as informational or discussion centered wherein the participants will not manipulate materials but participate in a discussion of the topic. This would include demonstration presentations.

Due to the time constraints of our program, we ask that potential instructors keep the time frame in mind when composing their course content. SAMA and our member attendees do not expect a week’s worth of content to be squeezed into one day. We do however expect that all attendees walk away from the course or seminar with ample understanding of your subject, reference material or tactical experience with a method and enough inspiration to continue further study and work on the subject.

This year, we have provided the proposal forms in an online format that we hope is easier for you to complete.  Please print this page to assist in preparation of requested information BEFORE attempting to complete the form for submission.  We recommend writing text area in advance and copy/pasting entries in form at time of submission.

Course Proposals are Due September 21, 2012.  Notifications will be returned by October 15, 2012. Accepted Instructors will be provided an agreement outlining workshop pricing and instructor fees by November 1, 2012.


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