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Advertising Program

The Society of American Mosaic Artists is pleased to offer a paid display advertising program in several of its electronic publications:

Groutline—Quarterly e-Journal: Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall

Banner Ads

    • SAMA Website
    • Andamento—Monthly e-newsletter

New Lower Rates! You Can’t Afford NOT to Advertise!
We’ve adjusted our 2013 rates for across-the-board 20% savings, making advertising to SAMA members more affordable than ever. Earn extra discounts—up to 15% additional—by becoming a SAMA Sponsor, signing up for a frequency program*, or paying in full within 60 days of booking.

* Ads of all sizes qualify for the frequency discount. You can also qualify for this discount with a combo package of 3 Groutline ads + 1 click-through banner ad on the SAMA website or in the monthly e-newsletter Andamento. Email  for details: advertising@americanmosaics.org.

Click here to download a copy of the Advertising Rate Card, with complete information and specifications. (For best results, be sure you have the most current version of Adobe Reader.)

Why you should advertise:

    • A highly targeted market segment with no waste.
    • Your ad stands out in a SAMA e-publication.
    • Four-color, high production values.
    • All web ads and Groutline e-journal ads provide quick access to your website with one click!
    • High retention rate, and good pass-along rate.
    • Teachers and suppliers share SAMA with new artists and hobbyists, introducing your products and services to tomorrow’s customers.
    • SAMA members buy a high percentage of their materials and supplies from businesses that support the organization.
    • The program is structured to give advertisers year-round exposure and is priced competitively. Ask about discounts for SAMA Sponsors, frequency, and pre-pay options.

No classified ads, please.

For Sales and Information, contact advertising@americanmosaics.org

This program is independent of SAMA’s Sponsorship program.

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