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MAPEI Invitational

SAMA partnered with MAPEI in celebration of the company’s 70th anniversary in 2007. Twenty members of SAMA volunteered their time and materials to create a stunning series of 12″ x 12″ mosaic panels, each depicting their individual interpretation of MAPEI’s 70th Anniversary logo using MAPEI’s Opticolor grout. The panels were prominently displayed in a special gallery area in MAPEI’s exhibition space at Surfaces Las Vegas February 7-9, 2007 and again at Coverings Chicago April 17-20, 2007. The panels will be permanently installed in MAPEI’s world headquarters in Milan, Italy.

In conjunction with the project, MAPEI contributed $3,500 to SAMA’s Robin Brett Mosaic Scholarship. “Supporting artists is important to MAPEI”, said Rainer Blair, President and CEO MAPEI Americans. “We’re grateful for this opportunity to make a difference in the lives of emerging artists.”

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