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AMP Gallery

The American Mosaic Project (AMP): Pieces of Life

The American Mosaic Project: Pieces of Life was SAMA’s first national mosaic group project. This huge mosaic initiative encouraged SAMA members all over the country and the world to come together to create an artistic vision of life to inspire both the artists and audiences.

AMP lies at the heart of SAMA’s mission to further the art of mosaic through education, presentation, and networking. It is an opportunity for all to see the vast possibilities of the mosaic art form and the varied talents of the artists who work in this medium. Between 2004 and 2006, the cities that hosted the American Mosaic Project include San Francisco, CA; Orangeburg, SC; Irving, TX; Washington, DC; and Chicago, IL.

While AMP is no longer a traveling exhibit, a digital exhibition is presented here.

Lynn Adamo
"Napa Valley"
Laura Aiken
Karen Ami
"Burrowed Deep in a Shallow Mind"
Dorothy Anderson
"Minoan Octopus"
Stephanie Angel
"A Phrenzied Process"
Linda Archinal
"Theta is Life"
Sharon Bachner
Sherwood Bailey
"Paisley Dreams"
Nellie Bandelier
"Life is Not What You Expect"
Diann Bartink
"New Life, New Growth"
Jacqueline Beauvais
"Pieces of My Puzzled Life"
Vicki Bess
"Algae Series - Anabaena"
Carol Bevilacqua
"Our Lady of the Iron"
Cynthia Board
"Garden Window"
Diana Bodell
Diana Boston and Priscilla Nokes
"USDA Choice"
Jo Braun
"No Buffalo"
Renata Braz de Oliveira
"Fried Life"
Jeannette Brossart
"It's All in Your Head"
Kristy Bunch
Lynn Carpenter
"Which Came First?"
Irina Charny
"Well Laid Plans"
Lynne Chinn
Ann Christensen
Tom Clark
Marcie Claus
Leslie Conlee
"Village of Kali"
Roberta Cooper
"Primarily, Elementally, LOVE"
Joetta Currie
"My Cup Runneth Over"
Judy Davis
"Mi Vida Loca"
Richard Davis
"Let's Rock"
Julia di Biasi
"My Life in Pieces"
Joan Di Stefano Ruiz
"Alpha Omega"
Deb Green
"Power of Freedom"
Julie Dilling
"No Fruit"
Gina Dominguez
Lucretia Dover
"100% Half"
Gary Drostle
Carol Dye
"Sunshine Mosaic"
Cynthia Fisher
George Fishman
"Erice #1"
Bonnie Fitzgerald
Ana Foncerada
"Penelope's Pears"
Valerie Fuqua
"Forgotten But Not Gone"
Pauline Gallagher
"Wading In"
Valerie Fuqua
"Love can be Lonely...Sometimes"
Elizabeth Gallery
"Made in California for Palestine"
Virginia Gardner
Michelle Geoffroy
"Love Hands"
Susan Germond
"No Loose Flowers"
Karen Gilboux
"Window of Inspiration"
Jacki Gran
"Little Red"
Tia Grass
Didier Guedj
"Matter of Perception"
Lisbeth Hamlin
"Cool Mint"
Heather Hancock
"Flow 2"
Shannon Hardy
"Life Line"
My-Xuan Ho
"Pieces of Life"
Donna Hofstaedter
"One of Many"
Jeannie Houston Antes
Sheila Hudson
"Coffee Love"
Lori Hughes
"Kitty Bert"
Tasha Huljev
"Cypress Sunset"
Jennifer Iams-McGuire
Debi James
"Da's Journey"
Susan Jeffreys
"Copper Mountain Gecko"
Shug Jones
"All in a Knot"
Gwyn Kaitis
"To see the world in a grain of sand... or Acornicopia"
Lisa Karabatsos
"Coming Home to Roost"
Jane Kellogg
"Don't go with the Flow, You are the Flow"
Narinjan Khalsa
"The Fool" Tarot Series 0"
Sherri King
"Grape Expectations"
Sonia King
"Not Atoll"
Ken Knowlton
"Tightly-Cropped Self Portrait"
Karen Kobylus
"Seeds of Change"
Janet Kozachek
Michelle Lee
"Family Characters"
Dedra Lipscomb
Luci Lytle
Jeanie Madley
"Happiness is an Old Brown Dog"
Frank McDonough
"My I"
Dawn Mendelson
"Jujol's Joy" (right)
Joey Merchant
"Owen in Utero"
Laurie Mika
"Queen Inspiration"
Kyle Mills
"Learning is My World"
Lynn Moor
"Home to Center"
Eric Nelson
Amy Neimann
"Desert Sunrise"
Stacie O'Connor
"Roses Round the Garden"
Merribeth O'Keefe
"Because I Took a Walk in Amsterdam"
Carrie O'Malley
"The Artist's Tool"
Jane O'Donnell
"My Life as a Tree"
Donnell Pasion
"Life, M'm M'm Good!"
Juli Pennington-Hulcy
"Take My Hand"
Mary Anne Penzone
"Painting the Town Red"
Drucilla Perez-Tubens
"Drops of Inspiration"
Jennifer Perry
"Crazy Quilt"
Laurie Peters
"Mary's Sheild"
Felicia Poes
"Glass River"
Mary Ponchio
Wendy Raven
"Stream River Anthology"
Elizabeth Raybee
"The Importance of Sharing"
Gila Rayberg
Julie Richey
"Inner Sanctum"
Jennifer Roberson
"Southwestern Sunwheel"
Joan Rosenberg
Betty Rosen-Ziff and Dawn Mendelson
"Jujol's Joy"
Betty Rosen-Ziff
"Jujol's Joy" (left)
Karen Rycheck
"Ode to O'Keefe"
Rebecca Santora
"When Pigs Fly"
Karen Sasine
Lisa Schaffer
"The Molecule of Life"
Kim Schonfeld
Laurel Skye
"Eggcetera, Eggcetera, Eggcetera"
Hillary Sloate
Dianne Sonnenberg
Ellen Stern
"Rest Your Eyes Here"
Virginia Stevens
"Running Out of Time"
Kathy Thaden
"Three in One"
Delfina Valentini
Deborah Verfaillie
"Gypsy Garden"
Leslie Verfaillie
"San Diego Sunset"
Allyson Way Hank
"Cosmic Eye View"
Deborah Wight
"Nature Jewels"
Sylvia Witting
"Sunshine II"
Sylvia Witting
"Sunshine I"
Allison Witt-Janssen
"Mom, Play with Me"
Kim Wozniak
Jenell Wright
"Ode to Matisse"
Dawnmarie Zimmerman
Sarah Zirkel
"Tulip Titillation"
The American Mosaic Project

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